Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowers From a Kindred Spirit

Ten minutes ago my doorbell rang and I received an unexpected but much needed long-distance hug from an old and dear friend, in the form of beautiful posie of purple Roses, Irises and Snapdragons accompanied by a sweet stuffed bunny.  My first thought?  Some bunny loves me!  I wonder who?

Although I seldom let my mind travel down this dangerous road, I found myself wondering today what, or more specifically who I have spent my life serving.  Sometimes people can be so self-focused, ungrateful and unhelpful, and  I have recently had my fill of feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.  After a week of ill-health, and stress, I finally reached my limit in the early hours of this morning and called an old, dear freind to share my heartbreak amid many tears. She listened, she comiserated, she couseled she told she understood, and I believed her. By the end of our conversation, I felt as though I could live through the rest of my day.  What would we do without friends like that?  I shutter to think.  

The card read:  "Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway.  Here is a hug to celebrate 33 years of unconditional friendship, Love Cindy"  Thanks, I needed that.    

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Sweet Good Morning to you Miss Scone Queen,
How lovely of your friend to send you those flowers, bunny and that sweet card. You are so right about
how self absorbed, selfish, and
unhelpful people can be, and hopefully when we see motivates us not to mimick it in anyway. Our culture has become very sad in that way, but there are plenty of wonderful folks out there, and even better we have a God that loves us, know matter what, and that is always there for us.
It is always nice to have a human friend, but sometimes they are not always available, that is when it is so wonderful to have
Jesus in our life. He is a true friend at all times, he listens,
he encourages, he comforts and he even sends friends or people to
love on us a bit!
Hope you are feeling a lot better.
May God bless your sweet friend,
and May you enjoy those bunny hugs
and pretty flowers.
Have a sweet day hon,
Blessings, Nellie