Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Fresh Springtime Beginning:

Hello there once again dear friends;

Pretty little molded sugars..,

 A word from a dear blog friend:

Today, at long last, there is a post on this lovely blog of my dear friend Scone Queen! ~ I am a guest blogger and my name is Silken Purse.

Dear Scone Queen and I have been friends for many years and from time to time, we will be enjoying being guest bloggers on each others blogs!.., Scone Queen has been very busy over the last while, yet from time to time it is my hope that she will once again grace the pages of her delightful and well written blogs, full of her lovely pictures of teatime repasts and her wonderful prose!

Do enjoy some of her posts from the past, especially her Valentines tree post; so pretty!..,(We have been enjoying Afternoon Tea and the decorating of fun, seasonal projects, such as our own respective, Valentines trees, for many years).., FUN!

Please visit her other blog for today's latest, Tuesday Tea For Two, blog post on her lovely , The Tea Trolley blog: theteatrolley.blogspot.com

Please do leave a comment and also consider following my friend's blog; that way it is easier to stay in touch!~ She's a very special and dear lady with an abundance of God given talent!

A word from Scone Queen:

Photo credits; photo is from Flickr.