Thursday, June 11, 2009

How My Garden Grows!

Look at these absolutely gorgeous peonies! I am so proud! This season, for the first time in nigh onto 7 years, I have been enjoying the garden. For whatever reason, ( and believe me, I am NOT complaining) the pernicious allergy I have had to something in my back yard seems to have abated, allowing me to cautiously venture out into the garden. My sorely-neglected, but much-beloved peonies have been pruned and watered regularly, and I was able to plant a stand of stargazer, Pandora and Casa-Blanca lilies, (which I hope will be lovely!) and create several window boxes and large planters of Draecena, pansies and lobelia. I do hope everything will flourish as I have sorely missed the opportunity over the past several season to drink in the splendours of the out of doors. I will post pictures of the other plants as I get them. My, isn't nature wonderful!

Kudos to My ESL Class! They have Endured Another Year!

Congratulations to my wonderful ESL class. They have endured another year of learning our very difficult language. What a priviledge to teach them! Here is a picture of all who have worked so hard and so faithfully this year. I will miss you all and hope to see you again in September.