Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Inauspicious Beginning to 2009

I dearly hoped that Richmond had finally escape the deep freeze. I was wrong. Last Thursday, after some torrential rain-fall, the snow finally melted, and as I looked out my window onto my soggy backyard, I spied a brilliant and inviting blue sky peeking through enticing cotton-baton clouds. The sun had finally made an appearance, and so, not wanting to fall into my usual mode of procrastination, I harnessed up the dog and set out for our first walk in over 3 weeks. Within minutes I realized that although I was dressed warmly, the wind was bitterly cold, and I was chilled to the bone. However, puppy was enjoying the walk and I didn't have the heart to turn back without giving him a chance to sniff and poke for the first time since before Christmas. After all, HE, sporting the coat that God had given him as well as his dapper Roots hoodie, was more than warm enough! So, resolutely and with a stiff upper lip (or was that the beginnings of frost-bite?) I soldiered on. All told, the excursion took half and hour.
When will I learn? Have I been away from the frigid East Coast for too long to remember that biting cold should be avoided at all costs? Obviously so! Yes, dear readers, I have been bed-ridden for four days (and counting) with Bronchitis, hoping against hope that I am not facing pneumonia. Four days of rest, but hardly relaxation! Hacking, coughing and severe sinus headache. Yesterday came the temptation to venture out to work with the British Columbia Girls Choir. (I am the director of their novice department) Although not completely recovered, I was feeling somewhat better, and according to my husband, bronchitis is not contagious., so I determined to press on, especially since our first session of the New Year had been cancelled due to bad weather. Thankfully, a call from a friend challenged the "not contagious" aspect of my malady, and with a bit of research I discovered I was, in fact, a seething cauldron of infectious bacteria. I crawled back into bed yet again, feeling well enough to watch "Mary Poppins", on DVD and sip a therapeutic mug of apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil, manuka honey and hot water. Oh yes,I was feeling better, but none-the-less I had to admit to being exhausted and much in need of further recuperation. Today I have decided to actually forgo p.j's. and housecoat in favor of warm but more socially acceptable attire. Realistically, I think it will be a day or two before I am ready to face the outside world again. This time I will remember to wear a warm scarf and and a hat!

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